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dr_2nd_chances's Journal

Second Chances
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A Doctor / Rose "Fixit" Community

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Community Guidelines

1. This is first and foremost a Doctor / Rose community, based on Series 1 through Series 4 (Doctors 9 and 10). We acknowledge and respect the fact that DW canon is moving on with the Eleventh Doctor; we entrust him into Steven Moffatt’s keeping.

2. This community is focused on “fixing” the Doctor / Rose relationship using POTW, DD, JE, and EoT as the major points from which repairs can be developed. Feel free to explore other points in S1 through S4 canon, but these four are the "biggies".

3. While D/R should be the primary pairing, “fixit-verse” may also be developed for the secondary characters (particularly Donna, Jack, Ten2, Wilf, Mickey, Jackie, Pete, and Martha.) The inclusion of other incarnations of the Doctor is allowed if integral to the fixed ‘verse, but must comply with items #1 and #2.

4. This community is intended to be a forum where ideas for “fixits” can be discussed and the “kinks” worked out (timey-wimeyness is enough to hurt anyone’s head – having someone who can wrap their brains around it is certainly helpful!) We also want to be more than just a place where fic can be posted – we want to help each other create it and make it our own shiny, new canon!

5. For the purposes of this community, a “fixit” fic is any fic that rewrites canon to repair the D/R ship from any of the points of departure listed in item #2. All “fixits” are therefore AU by definition. Fic that is based on a verse that has already been fixed (or that assumes a “fixed verse”) is also considered a “fixit”.

6. We will collect and maintain a list of D/R “fixit” fic that already exists and will add to that based on member recommendations. When submitting recs for fic to add to this list, please include the link and a short summary (1 or 2 lines); this will help those of us who might want to avoid dark or overly-angsty stories.

7. As much as we want to encourage and inspire each other to come up with ways to fix the D/R ship in fanfic, we also want to encourage those of you who enjoy dabbling in the graphic arts. Illustration, wallpapers, and fic banners all add to the total experience and enjoyment of reading a great story.

8. Other administrative “stuff”:
  • Please use lj-cuts or links back to your respective journals or web sites for any fic, graphics, or other lengthy posts.

  • As with other comms you might frequent, there will be NO bashing or any type of personal attacks allowed here – period. Along with this, heed LJ rules for things that are grounds for banning.

  • Please be generous with your feedback, especially constructive criticism, for your fellow writers and artists when you review their works. This is the only “reward” we can give each other aside from the personal satisfaction we get from writing a good story or making a great piece of fanart.

  • Cross-posting of fics to other DW/Doctor-Rose comms is encouraged, but always be mindful of different communities’ posting rules.

  • Fics should have proper subject line and header information (see Posting Guidelines). Ratings and betas are absolutely mandatory. If you need a beta, contact the mod or find one in our Beta List (to be developed).

These Guidelines will be updated as necessary. Please Ask The Mod if you have any questions not addressed here.


Community header by alizarin_skies